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he deciduous trees below. The white birch and trembling poplar adorned the glen with pale gray or light green leaves, whose delica

cy of tint contrasted finely with the dark masses of the fir trees and the lively green of m

time. It wa
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aple and wild cherry. Such was the home over which pres

ided the noble Laird and his gracious wife, and which, even in those ear

o shut out
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ly days, was a centre of hospitality. A

mong the guests were Chief McNab, who had left the Highlands of Scotla

the sky,
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nd with a numerous clan, and taken up

his abode with them in a township which had been granted to him on the ban

re awaking
04. emed t

ks of Lake de Chats, about thirty

miles from Bytown. The guests scanned him with a peculiarly keen interest as he entered the r

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We know what it takesto be the leader

oom preceded by his piper playing, "The Hacks o' Cromdale." He was dressed in full Highland costume, with kilts and scarf of red and green tartan, and wore a queue neatly tied with a knot of ribbon. Captain An

drew Wilson, of Ossian Hall, on the banks of the Rideau, was another guest. He had retired from the Navy and posed as lawyer, judge, farmer, and author, his title to the latter consisting in three volumes on naval history. He held weekly courts at Bytown, and wa

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the bi

s regarded by the people of the town as a man of great importance. To see the Captain on the bench with his anchor-buttoned coat and his old-fashioned spectacle

rds we

s, attending gravely to the examination of witnesses, was ludicrous. Of this he was perfectly sensible, but it was an amusement to him. He was one of thos

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